Shooting Gun Games Must Be a Great Fun While Playing With Other players!

Shooting Gun Games Must Be a Great Fun While Playing With multi players!

The easiest yet most difficult online game must be Gun games. In these games, players won’t need to do anything than wipe out all adversaries with the utilization of a gun or whatever available sort of shooter utilized. This is viewed as a technique game and in the greater part of cases, you would need to have military aptitudes so as to be great at it.

Obviously, is not important to be a police or an officer to delight in these games. You don’t even need to know how to utilize a gun whatsoever. In a shooting Gun game played online, you as of now are an educated gun man. You simply need to steer your shots to the focus so as to win.

There are a lot of people whole loves to play free Gun games online. In the event that you need to play with them, you just need to visit gaming gateways and you will doubtlessly the shooting game of your decision. With a few sorts of these games, you ought to discover those that would fit children on the grounds that they are fun and peaceful. Then again, a few grown-ups may appreciate the ones that are sensible enough.

A great number of the free Gun games online are multi-level games and this implies that you have a few stages to finish to complete it. Each of these stages is loaded with various difficulties. Complete them for a few hours worth of fun.

Other sort of free Gun games online would be the multiplayer games. Here, you contend not with the machine created characters yet with an alternate human player. In these sorts of game, you can either take an alternate player as a partner or as a foe, informing frameworks inside the game permit you to converse with different players and request that they join your armed force.

Each sort of Gun accessible online, offer an alternate level of rush and experience. The biggest some piece of them is profoundly devoted to the specialty of warfare, much the same as the precise mainstream Counter Strike. Free shooting games may be further delegated a vehicle shooting, a gun game, tank game, air game, safeguard the manor game, sharpshooter game, chasing game, and a ton of others. Take the game of your inclination and play it well. On the off chance that you become weary of it, another is holding up for you at the online gaming gateway of your decision.

For children, the air pocket shooting are prescribed. Children are not committed to shoot at adversaries in this game and there are no blood regurgitating around. The goal of this exceptional sort of shooting is to point at air pockets. No bodies or losses included so it is moderately alright for kids.

Free Gun games online are the ideal approach to sit back. The most straightforward flash-based shooting game could be finished in minutes and the more perplexing ones with various levels in a couple of hours – while multiplayer free shooting games are stacked with loads of exploit. This is a nonstop game and you can spare your advancement in the wake of playing.

Disney Magic Kingdom – Introduction and Guide

Disney World has always amazed the young and old. If manage its own park is part of the most magical dreams, Gameloft intends to bring them to life with Disney Magic Kingdom, a management game involving the hero of the most important films and the most iconic attractions of the parks. It remains to determine whether it will manage to surprise with a concept already causing many titles on smartphones and tablets.

1459178433-5357-capture-d-ecran Disney Magic Kingdom is a game of management with the main objective to create an amusement park as immense as grandiose and attract maximum visitors. For this, the latest title from Gameloft is based on classical mechanics on mobile: build buildings that will produce magic to harvest after a few minutes waiting for some long hours or for others. This famous magic is the most important currency of the game and allows you to enlarge the park or to acquire new buildings, whether attractions, concessions or decorations. Most must be bought over the progress, which requires playing for weeks before you have a park worthy of the name. For the impatient players, it is possible to accelerate the process and get immediately certain buildings in exchange for gems, the second game currency available this time through in-app purchases. Some activities are used to get for free, but in very small quantities and it will not count on it to grow faster in the park. If the tips don’t work just use the disney magic kingdom hack.

A Disney park would no magic without its heroes and it is certain that the game plays in the big leagues with no less than 28 characters to accommodate. Of course, Mickey is present from the start and is one of the pillars of the adventure. He returned it to raise a first part of the curse that has befallen the park, freeing space to accommodate all these people. Among them, we find the most famous heroes: Minnie, Donald, Woody, Wall-E, Rapunzel and of course Tinkerbell. However, acquiring these characters will not be an easy task and it will, once again, rely on patience. Indeed, in addition to a good amount of magic, every hero requires collecting objects of a certain rarity. Several days of play are sometimes necessary before releasing the coveted protagonist. More problematic, some can only be achieved with gems, as is the case of Pluto. Unsurprisingly, the collection will be difficult to complete if one does not wish to hand the wallet.

Even without all of the characters, the park that was created quickly becomes a magical and vibrant place. And for good reason, Gameloft has done an outstanding job on the sets by offering quality graphics that stick to the Disney universe, faithfully reproduced heroes and events as varied as neat. When all are occupied and there is nothing more to do, we are surprised to closely observe the agitation within the park: small visitors come running in all directions, are fitted hats for little that one has a stand intended for this purpose and go to different attractions available. Meanwhile, parades can be launched and help to strengthen the animation in the park with many fireworks. We just regret that some areas are a little deserted, visitors and heroes tend to cluster around the buildings which we could decide the location. In sum, the magical and enchanting atmosphere is waiting for you.


The evolution of the park is marked by many dialogues between different characters that lead to achieve quests. Many and varied, these tasks do not require as long a strong investment on the part of the player. Indeed, once launched through a simple touch of the screen, it remains to wait. This expectation can also be very long to the extent that these missions can last more than six hours. Things do not are improving because the quests will require more time to be realized.1459178525-2549-capture-d-ecran

This quickly feels the progression since all the elements of the game are interrelated. So, make a quest requires a hero to a certain level, which is achieved by bringing together items earned through other missions. As discussed a little above, the mechanics are the same in order to accommodate a new character. Problem, each action request wait a few minutes to many hours and we meet regularly with the same quest for a long moment before finally gathered all the necessary elements for its realization. If the beginnings are a bit laborious, like being caught in a complex gear without being able to act on the play fades after releasing lots of heroes. It is then more often busy recover loot from closed missions and to begin new, to make a quick passage through all the buildings in order to recover production in magic, while ensuring that each protagonist has an activity that will benefit the park.

In addition, visitors are not mere extras and arrive at the park with the wishes to fulfill. Once again, we must achieve to release the film’s hero Disney concerned, especially as each realized desire provides happiness. It is indispensable to start a parade, activities should not be overlooked since it saves the magic and gems. Depending on how you take care of your visitors, their mood affects the game and other bonuses are waiting for you. What contribute to the development of the kingdom by, as always, showed a lot of patience, but also to supply a management aspect that is too simplistic on the overall title.

Pacific Rim: The Official Video Game (iOS)

Pacific Rim is a science fiction film that was created and directed by Guillermo Del Toro.

The game is set in the initial wars when the very first Jaegers were created to fight the Kaiju, fans will find the game a good tie in to the movie due to the fact of having a huge amount of fan service like Jaegers that are featured in the movie and characters. The Pacific Rim mobile game is a fighting game that feels like it’s in the right genre due to the movie.

Pacific Rim: The Official Video Game features 2 modes, the career mode and the survival mode. As soon you fire up the career mode we immediately get inside a Jaeger and start learning the controllers of the game in a tutorial that teaches you absolutely everything about the Jaeger’s functionality. The Career mode brings the world map to the palm of our hands where random Kaiju events appear in it, each event has a Kaiju category level that goes from 1 to 5, just like the Kaiju categories shown in the movie, there’s 30 storyline missions and within them we have a infinite number of random secondary events that will allow us to “grind” money to buy upgrades, items and Jaegers before we’re ready to confront those missions, while the survival mode is all about holding as many waves of Kaiju as possible, but at a certain point you’ll notice that you have to upgrade your Jaeger or there wont be any way of you kill the next Kaiju.

The gameplay is very similar to Infinity Blade, we have to avoid enemy attacks by all means necessary by dodging left and right, and if the situation really hits the fan we’re able use 1 or 2 times the blocking ability that is available to us.

To attack all you have to do is swipe right or left for an attack, we can also use limited ranged attacks like a Mortar Cannon that is available on the weapons and upgrades store, this can only be used 2 or 3 in each battle, plus the ammo is really expensive. After the enemy health bar hits 0% we have a few seconds to do a combination of attacks to fill an entire bar of 3 tiers, the reward for the first two tiers is body parts of a Kaiju that gives you money while the third one is a random item from the store or ammo.

The game features customization in terms of weapons, skins and upgrades. For each Jaeger we can buy up to 2/3 different melee weapons and 2 ranged weapons (it can only be used once at a time in both categories), as for the customization there’s different skins available to the player, one of them is the default one that comes with the Jaeger and the other two are: Autumn and Olive skins, there’s 5 Jaegers available to the player to be unlocked the only real shame is that there is a order to unlock them.

The game also features a Black Market store where we can purchase support items to help in the fight against the Kaiju during the battles, items like airstrikes, shields and nano repair units, all of this can be purchased by using the in game currency of PP’s. You are awarded PP’s by every battle you win against a Kaiju, alternatively in game money can be bought via the Pacific Bank tab for real money.

The game is challenging no doubt about that, each level that you complete makes the next one harder and harder and the secondary mission opponents leave no room to breath, once Kaijus of the third category start to appear in the map  the player must be fast and agile to take them down otherwise it will be almost impossible to defeat them.  It takes effort and time to upgrade your Jaeger while trying to save up some money to purchase the next tier of Jaegers, and sometimes this can become complicated due to the fact of the level of difficulty makes it necessary to keep improving our robot, leaving to almost no space to purchase a new one.

Reliance Games did a decent job on the graphics department of Pacific Rim, the game is not on par with the high end graphics of the top games of the iOS devices, but the game graphics feel better when compared to games of the same style. The lightning is one of the positives points of the game graphics alongside the Jaeger and Kaiju models, the bad side of it it’s the city buildings and the background, there isn’t really much to add to it, the graphics have their ups and downs.

The sound design fits the game and the franchise itself very well,The Jaegers feel powerful while the Kaiju feel scary and monstrously strong capable of taking down a whole city, the weapon sounds are the only ones that are a bit disappointing.

Bottom line, Pacific Rim: The Official Video Game is a decent fighting game that can be compared to other games within same genre, while not bringing any innovation it does although brings some good fun for the fans of the franchise and for bored players that enjoy fighting games that require experience and dedication.

Rage Warriors

Rage Warriors created by Reliance big entertainment, seeks to bring a interesting fun and exciting fighting game to the table, whether they manage to do this or not is another issue.


Now let me start out by saying that I like this game, but in order to assess if its worth your money we will have to be a bit more involved than that, so what is rage warriors at it’s heart ? Rage Warriors is a post apocalyptic fighting game, It takes a page or two from street fighters adaptation to the iOS, and adds a bit of fresh spice on top of it to make it interesting. First of all I like fighting games, and everything I like about fighting games was in Rage Warriors, it had a nice pacing nice controls and a environment that makes it interesting to beat the living hell out of everyone.

First of all I would start by talking about the story, there is basically none, I have read that its a gladiator tournament but really the game doesn’t mention this much so you could come up with any story you want, mine is my personal story of how I went to kill everyone that made Prometheus, and survived the apocalypse…Yeah anyway that doesn’t mean that the world is uninteresting, it doesn’t bring anything new to the post apocalyptic landscape but it offers nice areas and great armor and creature designs, the bosses especially looked awesome, but graphics are meaningless if it’s not fun to play right ?

The character equipment stage, you’ll spend some time here just choosing your armors.

Well I liked this game because it had a sort of strategic edge to it, at times it felt like you were planing your next attack carefully and if you aren’t care full some enemy’s will destroy you completely, you have 4 groups of weapons in this game and 30 something weapons overall, in these 4 groups are, sword and shield my personal favorite, dual swords, hammer and a metal claws kinda of like Voldo from Soul Calibur, each of these weapons functions differently and nothing is alike between them, not even blocking that I found interesting, blocking works a lot better with a shield then with dual swords it sounds logical but most games don’t bother to include that so props on that, in your attacks you have a normal attack a heavy attack a kick and your block, you can also do different variations of these by moving forwards or backwards, with certain weapons you have slower unblock able attacks that you need to time just right, to add to this simple mechanic is the rage alack, you have a rage gauge and when its filled to middle you can use your own custom combo, customizing this combo is awesome but you still need to make something that works but its amazingly satisfying when you do a combo that works really well, and if you let the gauge fill up all the way you get a power attack that triggers a cinematic and does a lot of damage, this is also unique to all the weapons even in the way you trigger them, with the sword and shield you block and if they strike you it triggers the attack, with dual sword you lunge forward, and the ai has mastered the timing with these things to always hit it nearly perfectly, you have to be really careful with this a AI because it is pretty damn good.


Across the whole game you have more armors than I can count which works for variety I guess but that kinda of collides with the way you play the game, basically as I see it there are 2 ways you can play this game, either Skill fighter, or Adapt to survive, I just made that up but okay, basically in skill fighter you just pick whatever you like and you rely on your mad skills to get you through the game, in adapt to survive you do just that, every armor and weapons works better against another type of armor and weapon and some armors even have bonuses for certain types of bosses so that’s completely up to you, So as I see it this game is pretty fun to play but i have come across people who didn’t like the fighting mechanic and I can understand that, besides for the touch controls something behind unresponsive in the block mechanic at least the fighting can sometimes be slow and choppy as more than once i have blocked and started at my enemy blocking, I don’t mind this so much because I think it helps the strategic elements but i can understand why it pisses of some people.

And Glitches, Rage Warriors has a lot of glitches, I have had fighters walk out of my combos when they should be hitting him, I’ve had the graphics losing the lighting and turning dark, I’ve had only arms and head during the combo attacks, and a few more I mean damn that’s pretty bad, especially the ones that mess with game play they should have patched this before release but as it is it’ll take some out of the score.


Rage Warriors ends up being a game that you might pick up play it until you get tired and just shelf it, on that grounds i would recommend that you give it a try just to break it out during a boring trip or something like that since I had a lot of fun raging with this game and cheering when I kicked the annoying enemy’s bosses, its  a creative game that i believe earns a place in your library and for only 0.99 I really think this deserves a try if you like fighting games and even if you don’t, I hope to see with reliance does in the future and for now i have this to say, yes, yes i am entertained.