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How do you get a home loan despite Credit bureau? In fact, this is not impossible, but you should pay attention to a few things. Probably the home loan without Credit bureau can be an alternative, so a loan in which the credit agency was not turned on. But you should definitely know five facts about it.

Think about longer interest rates.

Think about longer interest rates.

This makes the loan more expensive, but a rate hike does not jeopardize the whole calculation.

Above all, these points are important:

  • Sufficient income
  • Consider regular expenses
  • Financial reserve for the unforeseen
  • Do not forget existing loans
  • Low-interest loan
  • Interest rates can rise again

In addition, real estate buyers need to know that in addition to the purchase price further costs to them. Often underestimated the notary fees, even for the land register entry money is due. If a broker was involved in the search, brokerage fees may be added. Finally, the move costs money. If you move from a smaller to a larger apartment or a house, you often have to buy additional furniture.

Percentage of persons with at least one negative Credit bureau characteristic by federal state. However, the place of residence does not enter the Credit bureau scoring. Unlike in car insurance, for example, the region does not matter.

If there information is faulty, you can contradict them. For example, if a dispute over an unpaid bill was decided in its own favor. If the process is still running, you usually have no chance. This also applies if the entry was authorized. After three years, however, negative entries will be deleted.

If you do not have negative entries, you do not have to worry about anything. Rather, a Credit bureau statement can even be positive, because the lender knows that in the past, all loans were paid on time. A home loan without Credit bureau would often be the worse alternative.

Retirees, with the maximum mortgage limit for retirees is 60 percent of the value.

Also only purchases and no new buildings can be financed.

Retirees, with the maximum mortgage limit for retirees is 60 percent of the value. Also only purchases and no new buildings can be financed.

These are the most important prerequisites for buying a house despite Credit bureau in bullet points:

  • Only for workers, employees and pensioners
  • For retirees, no more than 60 percent of the mortgage lending value
  • Only self-occupied residential property
  • No construction financing, only purchase of existing real estate
  • No holiday or weekend cottages

Compare and consider whether one is willing to pay the higher interest.

Compare and consider whether one is willing to pay the higher interest. 

Even with the home loan despite Credit bureau means be careful that you do not get a loan shark. That can be expensive otherwise. | Vexcash®

With good providers, it is easily possible not to accept a loan offer. Reputable companies like Dr. Ing. Klein, Maxda or Bon-Credit always make a free and non-binding offer. If they can not arrange a loan or if the costs are too high for the customer, the offer remains free.

If a credit intermediary requires advance money, you should keep your hands off this offer. Often, interested parties then learn that unfortunately they can not arrange a home loan despite Credit bureau. The fees are of course still retained.

Even though credit intermediaries are pressuring to sign the loan agreement as soon as possible, or when no credit check is supposed to be required at all, caution is advised. If in doubt, choose one of the kredittestsieger.org well-tested intermediaries.
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Credit bureau scoring, in the six categories A to F, where A means the best credit rating. Trucredit is also working with Credit bureau and competitors such as Creditreform. Lendico also reviews the creditworthiness of all applicants and assigns them to one of five groups.

If you do not have a regular income

If you do not have a regular income

Particularly bad credit rating, you will not be released at all. This means that the loan offer does not appear in the marketplace and accordingly can not receive any money. Anyone who is unlocked but has a low credit rating must expect significantly higher interest rates.

Anyone who has received money through a bank, a reputable credit intermediary or a credit marketplace will only receive the help of a guarantor. He undertakes to repay the debts in the event of default. It is important, of course, that the person himself has a good credit rating. Besides, in many cases it might not be easy to find such a guarantor. Most likely, this is still possible within the family.

A guarantor can help in finding a loan.

If you have a wealthy uncle, father or brother or a wealthy aunt, mother or sister, then of course a private promissory note loan can be an alternative instead of a guarantee, without switching to a platform like Lendico or Trucredit, which also costs fees. While this will not be enough to buy a home in most cases, it may be enough to get a share of the equity to find a bank.

If this is not the case, the last option is saving. If you do not have the discipline, the regular deposit into a home savings contract can help. For this you can even receive asset-based services. After two or three years, you can start looking for a cheap loan again with some equity.