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Jungle Heat Hack and Tips

Jungle heat hack is an online tool that will help you get diamonds, gold and oil. The new mobile game is based in a tropical jungle filled with vast resources of gold and oil. It is your task to gather as much of these resources as possible in order to build your base, create new troops, and dominate the jungle territory. Unfortunately, the natural riches are guarded by a band of blood-thirsty marauders. They are led by the fierce General Blood. In order to accomplish your mission, you must defeat the cruel general. Fortify your base, and protect all of the natural resources you can.


It was once said that a good defense is the best offense. Once you start securing resources you are going to have to defend them. The best idea is to design your base so that it will be an ideal stronghold. Protecting your Command Center and Resource Buildings. First and foremost, don’t use the edge of the map as a fortification wall because attacking troops can easily walk around your barriers and enter your base. Next, create a double walled fortification, with defensive buildings such as Death Rays or Flame Towers within the first wall of defense. Finally, there is no need to protect all of your storage buildings, especially the empty ones.

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Defense and Offense

Once you have your ideal base design built, the next thing you will need is to make sure that once you are attacked you can defend yourself. The first of the Jungle Heat Tips for surviving an all-out attack is to block the enemy deployments. During combat there will be a period when the enemy troops will begin sieging your city.


By actively positioning buildings in the way of this deployment, will limit the area they can deploy, or otherwise tempt attackers to deploy exactly where you want them. This potentially presents the opportunity of organizing an elaborate trap; get them exactly where you want them! In this same way, troops cannot deploy on brown grass (brown grass surrounds buildings), so make sure the layout of your base is well organized. Check out the jungle heat hack and tips to create the most effective base, and be on your way to usurping the scrupulous General Blood.


While defense is a good strategy, sometimes the best offense really is a the best offense. In order to be successful in an attack you want to steal as many resources as possible. Destroy the enemy’s command center, or destroy 50% or more of the opponents buildings on the map. Depending on the type of troops you possess, you are going to want to attack a base that is the best suited for your offense. Some bases defend better against ground, and some against air, so choose wisely.

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This game is a fun and exciting mobile application that puts you in the center of a fierce war-torn jungle, filled with natural resources. While it may seem daunting to begin, or to compete against fellow players, if you follow these Jungle Heat Tips you are sure to be on your way to jungle domination.